Chamomile, (Blue)


Steam-Distilled Essential Oil from Nepal/Egypt

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Plant Family: Asteraceae

Latin Name: Matricaria chamomilla

Origin: Nepal/Egypt

Plant Part (Steam-Distilled): Flowering Tops

Uses: Chamomile is an anti-inflammatory, nervine,  fungicide, aphrodisiac, and gallbladder and/or liver supporter.  It increases leukocytes. Chamomile is used for boils, cuts, bruises, insomnia, hepatic, rashes. Chamomile aids spleen and uterine function. It facilitates weight loss by being a strong diuretic. Chamomile also facilitates blood purification. It helps clear scars from surgery and heal wounds. It helps clear leucorrhea (white discharge from vagina, sometimes called the “whites”).

Spiritual and Energetic Uses: It improves throat chakra function. Chamomile also helps with discernment and gaining perspective.

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