Cedar Leaf, (Thuja)


Steam-Distilled Essential Oil from Canada

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Plant Family: Cupressaceae

Latin Name: Thuja Occidentalis

Origin: Canada

Plant Part (steam-distilled): Leaves, twigs, and branches

Uses: Cedar Leaf is antiviral and helps resolve herpes I & II, (i.e., improves genital and oral herpes – cold sores) and viral wats. It soothes poison ivy, psoriasis, menstrual problems, headaches, rheumatism, and prostatitis. Cedar Leaf stimulates the heart, uterus, and nerves. It’s a mental stimulant and a sedative. Cedar Leaf is also anti-tumoric and anti-carcinogenic.

Spiritual and Energetic Uses: Cedar Leaf addresses chakras I & IV and can be used as a ritual incense.

It’s ancient name is Arbor Vitae which means “TREE OF LIFE.”

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